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Re: OT question about sound cards/chip-sets and high-end music systems

Stan wrote:
The cheapest solution by far is to use your current PC, and have a
contractor come in and run an in wall digital optical cable from the
room your PC is in to the room your A/V receiver is in.  Plug a Toslink
patch cable from the wall to the PC, and from the wall to the A/V
receiver and you're done.  If you go this route you'll need a PC
hardware solution with a digital audio output (Toslink connection)

If you're going to go this route and use a sound card on your PC, here' s a couple handy links:


Note that internal sound cards are more prone to noise and distortion than external cards, in case you weren't already aware.

FWIW, reasons I went with a Squeezebox include (if you haven't considered these yet):

1) The ability to access/control my music collection remotely, i.e. not having to go to the physical computer to skip a song, etc.

2) Not being tied to one physical location; if I want to put my Squeezebox in my bedroom instead of living room for a weekend, I can unplug and move it in 2 minutes.

3) I considered buying a cheap/used netbook or laptop, along with an external sound card, to connect directly to my receiver.  Compared to the price of a Squeezebox (or any wireless music player for that matter), it was about twice as much.  Plus I'm not a fan of having a computer that close to so much electronic equipment.

4) Open source software and firmware.  Since Logitech bought out SlimDevices they have maintained this; hopefully they will continue.

Just thought I'd share my experience in case anyone can benefit from it.

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