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Re: apt-get autoremove

On Monday 05 October 2009 10:50:42 Alexey Salmin wrote:
> Why are you so angry?

I'm not.  Nor was I when I was writing my initial reply.

> What do you suppose to hear from a person who at
> first got message that some packages are "no longer required" and got
> his system broken after following that advice.

I expect them to stop taking advice from something that is not giving advice 
and is not intended to be an advisor in any way.

I just don't understand the thought-process that results in persons telling 
apt-get to remove something they use on a day to day basis.  It wouldn't 
matter what font or how many times aptitude told me kmail was "not required", 
I wouldn't ask for it's removal because I use kmail every day.  If I did not 
already know how, I would look for a way to tell aptitude that kmail *is* 
_very much_ required.

> I understand that in
> stable in 99% times it's caused by user's fault: he've accidentally
> removed kde metapackage or something. But how does that matter?

Because we can't fix it, so we should move on to a problem we can fix.

> It really seems that no OS can fix its users: there are morons no
> matter what OS they use.

I'm glad we agree, although I wouldn't use the term "moron" to refer to anyone 
participating in this thread.
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