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Re (2): Video on Demand, VoD

Date:	Sun, 04 Oct 2009 23:49:55 -0400
"S. Fishpaste" <SDA@Deer-in-the-headlights.ca.invalid> wrote,
> You mean [Skype and VLC] work good?

Well, Skype allows decent communication.  
The board mounted Intel device dissappeared 
about a week back but C-media USB audio always 
works.  Skype is probably not responsible 
for vanishing devices.  

VLC produces sound from audio files from the 
CBC.  Don't know about video.  Never tested 
a movie file directly.

> You mean like this?

Yes.  Your controls appear to have the same 
capabilities as Win XP.  The progress bar and 
sound level control are absent on my systems.  
Any idea what software makes the controls?

The package list is here in case someone has 
a suspicion.

> Not sure what plugins were involved if any.

Same here.

Thanks,          ... Peter E.

Google "pathology workshop"

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