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Re: Video on Demand, VoD

On Sun, 4 Oct 2009 06:46:12 -0700, peasthope@shaw.ca in gmane.linux.debian.user wrote:
> I've opened VoD streams on this page with 
> two systems running up-to-date Squeeze and 
> with Windows XP.
>   http://www.learner.org/resources/series42.html?pop=yes&pid=615
> Applications including Skype and VLC work 
> mostly as expected in both Squeezes.

You mean they work good?

> Win XP provides a simulated VCR control 
> panel at the bottom of the VoD video panel 
> yet the control panel has never appeared 
> in Squeeze.

You mean like this?

BTW great resource the introduction video was excellent. Anyway back to the
subject @ hand; Played smooth for me and I had a limited control panel at
the bottom (don't know if that qualifies for what you wanted). This was in
Google Chrome 4.x branch (past Friday's release). Not sure what plugins were
involved if any. Might have used HTML Video?

> Is the control panel beyond the capabilities 
> of Squeeze at this time?  Is an additional 
> package needed?  Does a configuration parameter 
> need adjustment?

This was on Unstable BTW.

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