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Re: OT: mutt/nano spellchecking

On Sun, Oct 04, 2009 at 08:39 -0400, Tony Baldwin wrote:
> Hi,

> One of the things keeping me from using Mutt as my default mail
> client all the time is the lack of certain spell check features.

> I wasn't aware at all, until today, that I could set up nano to
> spell check, but now have it working with Aspell, and, thus, spell
> check, at the very least, in English.  However, I write e-mails in 4
> different languages (both icedove, and the gmail online interface
> allow me to spell check my messages in any variety of languages).
> Does anyone know of a means to configure nano, and, to work with
> mutt, so that one may alternate languages for spell check purposes,
> as can be done in icedove, tbird, etc.?

By setting the EDITOR environment variable you can direct mutt (and
other programs) to use any editor of your liking.

Hence your question reduces to: which editor is capable of spellchecking
in different languages.  My choice is emacs, ymmv.

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