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Re: Redirect internet connection to wireless router (was: Sharing ppp [...])

Vinicius Massuchetto wrote at 2009-10-02 11:54 -0500:
> So, I was wondering if I get a standard wireless router and feed it
> with an internet connection from the laptop, configuring my computer
> as a dhcp server.
> Would that work? Did anyone already tried this?

This is possible.

Here is one way:
1. Set the IP address statically on the laptop for eth0 (
2. Set up a DHCP server (I use dnsmasq) on the laptop, listening on eth0.
3. Configure the DHCP server to give the router a specific IP address, using 
the MAC address of the router (IP
4. Disable the DHCP server on the router.
5. Install the ipmasq package, and configure as necessary.

You might prefer this way:
1. Connect the router & laptop using wired or wireless, and use dhclient or 
your choice to get an IP from it using DHCP.
2. Configure the router to always give your laptop that address or whatever 
address of your choice, using the MAC address of the laptop's network 
interface that you are using.  Alternatively, set the laptop's IP statically 
outside of the router's DHCP server IP range.
3. Configure the router with that IP address as 'gateway'.
4. Install the ipmasq package, and configure as necessary.

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