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Re: Redirect internet connection to wireless router (was: Sharing ppp [...])

Vinicius Massuchetto wrote:
Hi all!

I tried hard a few days ago to share a ppp internet connection through
the wlan interface on my laptop. I just found out that this is not
possible because my hardware can't do AP.

So, I was wondering if I get a standard wireless router and feed it
with an internet connection from the laptop, configuring my computer
as a dhcp server.

Would that work? Did anyone already tried this?

Probably, but it may depend on the router. The Netgear DG834 will do it, I'm currently using two with an MS Small Business Server, which is handling DHCP for the network. A third router on the network is actually the Internet gateway, as the customer is now on ADSL2+ and the version of DG834 that they have doesn't do that.

Wireless routers do generally have DHCP servers, though you may want to have a different machine do it for some reason, such as automatic DNS integration. With MS SBS, it is strongly advised that the SBS handles DHCP, mostly for this reason.


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