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RE: fvwm-crystal: without window decoration for screenlets

> Hello folks,
> Since a few days, I'm using the nice fvwm-crystal after leaving gnome.
> But gnome have screenlets that I want to keep. I can launch them but
> the
> problem is that they are now with window decoration. What I want is
> screenlets without window decoration like it was with Gnome.


it's been a long time since I used fvwm. But since I haven't seen any other
response maybe I can suggest some keywords that might help when searching
the docs (http://www.fvwm.org/documentation/):

I guess you have to define a customized window decoration without everything
you don't want: http://www.zensites.net/fvwm/guide/window.html

Then assign this decoration to the windows by means of the Style command:

> Can someone tell me  how to configure fvwm-crystal to not to use window
> decoration for specific window (in my case, screenlets)? What file to
> modify/create??

I think you cannot use "no decoration". You have to define a non default
decoration for some of your windows. What file? Some years ago it was
.fvwmrc or something similar in /etc or /etc/X11. Probably man fvwm should

Sorry if this doesn't help, it's all I remember right now.


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