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Re: how to migrate smb accounts to new lenny system?

On Mon, 21 Sep 2009, Robert P. J. Day wrote:

>   having finally made the switch from an old server running lenny to
> a new one (running at the same IP address), most functions seem to
> be working, but samba shares are failing -- people who used to be
> able to access shares from their windows systems now can't, and the
> log file reports that:
>   check_ntlm_password:  Authentication for user [fred] -> [fred]
>   i've reproduced all of the standard user/group files so normal
> logins work just fine.  i've also copied all of the samba config
> files that seemed relevant.  can someone give me a hint as to the
> file(s) i should have reproduced from the old system on the new one?
> or must i run "smbpasswd" for each account on the new system, or
> something like that?  naturally, i'd like the users to not have to
> reconfigure anything on their ends.

  while this is somewhat off-topic (not being strictly speaking a
debian question), here's another observation that might debug this.
from /var/log/samba/log.nmbd:

[2009/09/21 08:31:23,  0]

  Samba name server MAIN is now a local master browser for workgroup
CORP on subnet

[2009/09/21 08:31:23,  0]
  Unable to find the Domain Master Browser name CORP<1b> for the
workgroup CORP.
  Unable to sync browse lists in this workgroup.

  it seems, then, that the new linux system tries to become the local
master browser, but (am i reading this right?) fails so that
subsequent queries to the master browser also fail, perhaps causing
all authentication requests after that to fail.

  is there a simple fix for this?  i've tried reproducing everything
necessary from the old machine, but i clearly missed something.


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