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Re: cannot write to usb drive

PierPaolo wrote:

> maybe not utf-8 but nls=utf8,
> then try -o rw,force,nls=uft8,
> then hope that initial sectors of the drive (when it is flash too?) aren't
> damaged... if you could, try mounting the drive from winzoz, maybe it was
> unmounted from there without "safe removing" or such like that, once, long
> time ago, this happened to me.
> However, that's message used to identify damaged sectors in vital parts of
> the hard disk and requires hard working with dd, dd_rescue, ddrescue or
> testdisk/photorec...

I had a good idea - you can dump the data (disk is 2GB) with dd

 dd if=/dev/sdc1 of=<file_path>

and then use mount -o loop to try mounting it or playing with or saving the


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