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Re: Lenny RAID+LVM Lilo/Grub Error

On 12 sep 2009, at 02:54, Carlos Bergero wrote:

Hey ppl:
I'm currently trying to install Lenny AMD64 502a in a Intel Xeon Q8200 8Gb Ram, with 4 Sata2 500Gb Discs. Problem is that after finishing partitioning and installing the Harware, Lilo or Grub wont install, Lilo Reports Error Code '1' which makes no sence since its an error related by the bios accessing the disk which shuld be /dev/md0. I dont have much expirience with RAID so not shure whats wrong here, any lead would be great.

AFAIK you still can't boot straight from software RAID 5 or 10 (I guessed that is what you're using). You'll need a small slice on every disk, setup as software RAID 1 for /boot. The rest can be placed in the RAID 5 or 10 partitions. Lilo can't see the disc /dev/md0 at boot since it has no way of assembling the array. The kernel needs to be booted first. When using RAID1, no array needs to be assembled, since they are indentical copies. The boot manager can use the first disk it finds.

Mayby the latest LILO of GRUB2 can handle /boot on RAID other than RAID1, last time I searched I only found support for /boot on lvm, not RAID5


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