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help w wodim burning audio.

Hi.  This is frustrating.  I've been burning backups happily with this
for years.  Now, my musician buddy wants to distribute a demo cd, and
I can't get anything to work (burn a playable audio CD).  I know I've
done something like this (ripped CDs) in the past, but burning a few
.wav's is stumping me.  I can play commercial CDs, and vlc plays the
files fine when they're on the hard drive.  I've found:


which says:

   $ wodim -v -eject -pad -dao speed=12 dev=/dev/scd0 defpregap=0 -audio *.wav

Everything I've tried with it produces a disk that plays static (even
at speed=1).  I've tried wav2cdr; same result.

(0) phreaque /home/keeling/dwn/snd/mk_ file baby_its_you_2.mp3
baby_its_you_2.mp3: Audio file with ID3 version 2.2, MP3 encoding

(after wav2cdr).  BTW, consider me a noob where it comes to audio.  I
only barely know my way around this stuff.  :-|  This in two Lenny
boxes, one a P-IV and the other an AMD 64-bit; both burners are DVD.
Please, what's missing?  Thanks.

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