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Re: looking for packages versions of running daemons

Israel Garcia <igalvarez@gmail.com> writes:

>I have more than 10 debian (etch and lenny) servers and I want to find
>a way to know remotely on every server:

>1. Name of running daemons and ports (tcp/udp) they're using.
>2. Version of the package (installed by APT) used by these daemons.
>3. Version of the latest package (from deb mirros) used by these daemons.

>I tried to make a script but didn't resolve my problem.

Here's a script I just wrote to do what you want (it was an interesting

For requirement #3, I'm not sure exactly what you wanted, so I took the
easy way out. I assumed you wanted the latest version for the
distribution you have in your /etc/apt/sources.list. To make the script
work, run apt-get update first so that your apt-cache has the latest
versions from your mirror.

netstat -lntup \
        | awk '/^tcp/ { print $4"/"$1, $7 } /^udp/ { print $4"/"$1, $6 }' \
        | sed -n 's|^[^ ]*:\([^ ]*\) \([0-9]*\)/.*|\1 \2|p' \
        | while read port pid ; do
                bin=$(readlink /proc/$pid/exe)
                pkg=$(dpkg -S $bin | cut -d: -f1)
                version=$(dpkg-query -W --showformat='${Version}' $pkg)
                latest=$(apt-cache show -a $pkg | grep "^Version:" | { while read x ver ; do
                        if dpkg --compare-versions $latest lt $ver ; then
                done ; echo $latest; } )

                echo -n "$bin on port $port from package $pkg (version $version"
                if [ $latest != $version ] ; then
                        echo -n ", $latest available"
                echo ")"

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