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Re: Fast booting for a Debian system - and suggestions for said system

Lisi Reisz wrote:

> XFCE is currently looking like the front runner, but I fear that it may be en 
> route to getting bloated.  Opinions, please.

well, it's going to be a little bit of a trade off since I'm seeing more
GNOME libs and such.  still it will be faster and less bloated than GNOME.

> Because of Knoppix, I have had 
> a good look at LXDE, but so far it does not appear to be very malleable, and 
> support seems a bit thin on the ground.

heh, this is actually my default GUI now.  :)

> ***I would be very grateful for help in speeding up the boot process, and 
> suggestions for a suitable DE or WM.***  

I now do a netinstall THEN add my packages.  I opt out of the 'Desktop
Computer' choice in the install which has made me much happier with my

after install I always do the following:
remove netatalk (if installed)
install nullmailer (i don't need a mailserver on my desktop or laptop

i still use GDM for my manager, but might try Slim again...

anyway, my boot time goes from GRUB to GUI in less than 40 seconds using
a 1.6ghz laptop.


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