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Re: Network Manager cannot be removed

Sven Joachim wrote: 

> On 2009-08-30 20:58 +0200, JoeHill wrote:
> > Sven Joachim wrote:   
> >> 
> >> Remove the gnome metapackage.  Make sure to mark everything it depends
> >> on and which you want to keep as "manually installed".  
> >
> > Do you mean in Synaptic? I can't see any way to do what you suggest...  
> I don't know anything about Synaptic (never used it), but there are
> "apt-mark unmarkauto <packages>" and "aptitude unmarkauto <packages>"
> which you can use at the commandline.

Okay, so now I've removed the gnome metapackage, and aptitude keeps wanting to
remove all of gnome. I looked at the explanations for unmarkauto, but I'm not
sure how I would use that for all of the gnome packages. I mean, not all of
them even have the word gnome in them, so what kind of wildcard argument could
I use?

Is there somewhere I could look for examples of how to use this command?

Many thanks for any tips.


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