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Re: Wireless stopped working after kernel upgrade


On Sat, Aug 29, 2009 at 10:09:20PM -0500, Autumn Lansing wrote:
> I've wasted most of my Saturday trying to get wireless to work with
> the latest kernel on my 64-bit Sid box.  I have an Atheros ar5001x
> card, and I've been using an older 2.6.22 kernel with madwifi drivers
> for the past two years.  I'm rather conservative in upgrading my
> kernel, precisely because of issues like I've had today, but I found
> need for 2.6.30-1.

You know there is FREE driver for Atheros chips in kernel now.  I guess
yours is one of them.

> As madwifi is gone from Debian testing and unstable, I decided to
> switch to the ath5K drivers included in the latest kernel.  I followed
> the instructions here: http://wiki.debian.org/ath5k, with the
> exception that I use wicd to manage my network, and as such I had no
> need to amend my interfaces file.
> After rebooting and a little fiddling, the ath5k driver came up, and
> wicd found my wireless network.  I can't however connect to it.  It
> tries to connect, usually timing out while getting a valid
> authentication, but sometimes it manages to validate the WEP key and
> attempts to obtain an IP address but then times out doing that.

Have you ajusted configuration to new device names?


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