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Re: Laptop getting so warm : (

Hashimoto wrote:
Hi guys, I'm back ; )

But with the same problem : (

My laptop is getting near to 70C easily running firefox or a virtual
machine in VirtualBox.

What I'm wondering is if a device like this -
http://www.atera.com.br/dispprod.asp?COD=CF6160H - can help me to solve
this problem.

What do you think ??

Thanks and regards,


Reading this reminded me I bought a can of 3M Dust Remover while back I haven't used. Pulled the laptop apart spraying out the fan, vents and everything else around that area. I reclaimed about 10F, and the fan has yet to even start. I'll have to make a mental note to clean it out when it hits 110F again. T61 Intel graphics.

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