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nfs permission problem


there is a strange permission problem with a NFS share on my system.
Somehow, it is not recognized that my user "markus" is in the group
"wir", when I do changes on a NFS mount. If I do the changes local on
the server, everything is fine... Let me go into the details:

That's "me" on the server:

markus@server:~$ echo $UID
markus@server:~$ groups
markus adm mail dialout cdrom floppy audio www-data src video plugdev
users fuse wir

markus@server:~$ grep markus /etc/passwd /etc/group
/etc/passwd:markus:x:1000:1000:Markus Grunwald,,,:/home/markus:/bin/bash

An that's "me" on the nfs client:

markus@haktar % echo $UID
markus@haktar % groups
markus dialout cdrom floppy audio dip src video plugdev games netdev
powerdev scanner fuse nvram smbusers wir
markus@haktar % grep markus /etc/passwd /etc/group

So everything matches.
The nfs share is exported like this on server:

markus@server:~$ grep media /etc/exports

On the client, it is mounted with the automounter:

markus@haktar % mount | grep /srv/share/media
server:/srv/share/media on /var/autofs/net/server/srv/share/media type
nfs (rw,nosuid,nodev,hard,intr,sloppy,addr=

This is the data I want to change, as seen on the server:

markus@server$ pwd

markus@server$ ls -ld 2009-08-29_1251536114/
drwxrwx--- 2 markus wir 4096 29. Aug 10:58 2009-08-29_1251536114/
markus@server:$ ls -ldn 2009-08-29_1251536114/
drwxrwx--- 2 1000 1008 4096 29. Aug 10:58 2009-08-29_1251536114/

markus@server:$ ls -l 2009-08-29_1251536114/dsc08183.jpg
-rw------- 1 markus markus 2349369 29. Aug 10:55

markus@server:$ ls -ln 2009-08-29_1251536114/dsc08183.jpg
-rw------- 1 1000 1000 2349369 29. Aug 10:55

Now I want to change the ownership of the jpg file, on the client:
markus@haktar % chown markus.wir dsc08183.jpg
chown: changing ownership of `dsc08183.jpg': Operation not permitted

Hmm. On the sever:

markus@server:$ chown markus.wir dsc08183.jpg
markus@server:$ echo $?
markus@server:$ ls -l dsc08183.jpg
-rw------- 1 markus wir 2349369 29. Aug 10:55 dsc08183.jpg
markus@server:$ ls -ln dsc08183.jpg
-rw------- 1 1000 1008 2349369 29. Aug 10:55 dsc08183.jpg

I was working with nfs for years, but I have not the slightest idea what
the problem is here...

Could you please help me?

Markus Grunwald			http://the-grue.de

Registered Linux User Nr 101577

gpg/pgp fingerprint: 7E01F5FE15CEDD0A
(gpg --recv-keys 7E01F5FE15CEDD0A)

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