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Re: Modem no longer works

> > My (older analog hw) modem, had connected on /dev/ttyS2, no longer
> > works, say in minicom. I am running Sid. Anything I should know about
> > here?
> There is a lot we should know about here if we are to help you.  Exactly
> what model modem do you have, exactly what have you tried, and exactly
> what happened?

This is an older "davicom" rockwell 336 hayes compatible speakerphone modem

Until two days ago, all was fine. Minicom and my phone plasmoid both worked.

Yesterday, it was no longer possible to use the modem. Plasma-desktop hung up 
loading the plasmoid. Without the plasmoid, going to a terminal and using 
minicom also got no results. It could exit OK after a timeout. Xringd (upon 
which I based the ringer of the plasmoid) will load without complaint but will 
not respond to rings. Terminating that also takes time.

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