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Re: Dell or HP laptop with excellent support to Linux (Debian)

I've used several Dell's at work ("business" quality, i.e. Latitude D830) while several friends have consumer-level (home) Inspirons.  My advice is to go with a "business" level one; particularly the nVidia cards and wireless chipsets are better than on the consumer-level ones (in my experience at least).  I can't install Linux on my D830 due to work restrictions but I can boot to a live Ubuntu CD with all hardware supported natively.  It absolutely flies running the OS from a USB stick with 3 GB RAM in the laptop.  This includes an nVidia Quadro NVS graphics card and Intel Pro 3945ABG wireless card; Intel Core 2 Duo @ 2.2 GHz.

It's a thing of beauty and I look forward to the day it's maintenance expires at work and hopefully I become the proud owner of a decommissioned work laptop that works effortlessly with Linux.

In general, our experience at work has been: HP desktops are great (again, "business" grade not home or consumer grade), but HP laptops we gave up on and went back to Dell.  That's just our experience though.

HTH even a little bit.


On Wed, Aug 26, 2009 at 11:01 AM, SAMUEL JOSE PEREIRA CARNEIRO MACDOWELL <macdowell.smd@dpf.gov.br> wrote:
I have a HP Pavillon tx1420us. I wouldn't by HP laptop anymore. I had a
lot of problems and poor help.


> G'day,
> My name is Alexander Kapshuk.
> I am looking to purchase a Dell laptop with excellent Linux support
> (Debian
> Lenny).
> Here are the specifications I am after:
> CPU = Inter Core 2 Duo;
> RAM = 3GB or 4GB;
> Graphics Card = NVIDIA GeForce;
> Hard Drive = 250GB or 320GB;
> With a webcam;
> With a card reader;
> Wi Fi: anything but Broadcom (i was told Broadcom Wi Fi has a lousy Linux
> support, correct me if I'm wrong);
> I would appreciate it if somebody would recommend a model of a DELL laptop
> that meets the specs above or similar as this is going to be a
> considerable
> investment for me and I want to make sure that the laptop I end up buying
> has very good Linux support.
>  Looking forward to hearing from any of you that would care to respond at
> your convenience.
> Thanking you all in advance
> Alexander Kapshuk.

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