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Re: x won't start as a particular user. for other users works fine. what file is causing it? how to troubleshoot?

On 10:58 Mon 24 Aug     , Jimmy Johnson wrote:
> her /home partition was full, she called me and said "it's broke." I
> logged in as root and deleted the file and it was fixed.
> -- 

thanks Jimmy,
but that couldn't explain my problem, 

1. No partitions are full.
2. Why would the other users be able to startx just fine and this user cant?
3.  Why when I change the login directory of 'bill' from /home/bill to /home/bill/foo in /etc/passwd
 does X start fine?

So can any one tell me how to make the X startup verbose so that I can figure what file in /home/bill is causing the problem?


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