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Re: Installed packages

In <20090819090118.GB7398@borusse.tmr.net>, Alex Huth wrote:
>I want generate a list of all installed packages, without the dependencies
> of manual installed packages and the the packages from the base system.
>What i have found so far by our friend google:
>aptitude search "?installed(?not(?automatic))"

I'm slightly old-skool so for me this is '~i!~M'.

>But this does not what i mean, because it also shows libraries and
> packages from the base system.

You might want to mark those as automatic; I do.

You can search for packages based on dependencies as well.
~D~i = Packages that depend on an installed package.
~R~i = Packages that reverse-depend on an installed package.  I.e. packages 
that an installed package depends on.

You may want to limit these to only specific types of dependencies.  I'm not 
sure how they handle Conflicts, Breaks, or Replaces.
~Dsuggests:~i = Packages that Suggest an installed package.
~RBrecommends:~i = Package that have a broken reverse-Recommend on an 
installed package.  I.e. packages Recommended by an installed package where 
that Recommend dependency is not currently satisfied.  E.g. if foo 
Recommends "vim | emacs" and you have "emacs" installed, "vim" will NOT be 
matched because the dependency is not broken.

Note that ~D and ~R only test direct dependencies.  I.e. if foo Depends bar, 
and bar Depends baz then '~n^baz$~R~n^foo$' and '~n^foo$~D~n^baz$' both give 
no hits.  To the best of my knowledge, there are no tests that are the 
transitive closure of ~R or ~D.

Here's a start for you:
~i!~M!~Rdepends:~i = Packages that can be safely removed, if they are not 

The aptitude documentation explains all of these search terms, both old and 
new forms.  Last I checked it didn't have a lot of examples, but you can 
always experiment.
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