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Re: installing debian on rhel5

On 2009-08-19 07:46, Vasanthra Devi S wrote:
can you help me to install Debian 5.0(Lenny) on RHEL 5 (kernel is 2.3)
on x86 machine.

The 2.3 series is 10 years old...

i have tried it but i could not boot debian but i can boot Rhel

Unless you want to use a chroot, it is impossible to do what you are asking to do.

So, what *exactly* do you want to do? Replace RHEL with Debian? Or do you think that you can mix and match RHEL with Debian?

first i have insttled debian 5.0(Lenny) .
it has three partitions (/,/boot and swap)
all the three are primary partition.

after that i have installled rhel5(2.3 kernel).

i can able to boot only linux .

can you help me to overcome this.

Probably not.


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