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Re: xen pci passthrough

Am Montag 17 August 2009 18:39:22 schrieb Andrew Sackville-West:
> looks like it's working, but obviously not. Have you seen this:
> http://wiki.xensource.com/xenwiki/Assign_hardware_to_DomU_with_PCIBack_as_m
no, i dont. but this describe how i use pciback if this is build as a module. 
in debian kernel this is builtin.

but in the wiki i found another article:

is it true, that i need hardware support for pci passthrought? at the moment, 
i only use xen para-virtualization on non-vt-capable hardware (my test 
machine). in generally, is it possible on mainstream hardware to passtrough 
device to para-domU´s?


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