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Re: Problems with making hardlink-based backups

On Thu, Aug 13, 2009 at 09:20:17AM +0200, David wrote:
> Hi list.
> Until recently I was using rdiff-backup for backing up our servers.
> But after a certain point, the rdiff-backup process would take days,
> use up huge amounts of CPU and RAM, and the debug logs were very
> opaque. And the rdiff-backup mailing lists weren't very helpful
> either.
> So, for servers where that's a problem, I changed over to a hardlink
> snapshot-based aproach.
> That's been working fine for the past few weeks. But now, the backup
> server is running out of harddrive space and we need to check which
> backup histories is taking up the most space, so we can prune the
> oldest week or two from them.
You might want to check out BackupPC.  It uses hardlinks and
compression.  It's got a web-based GUI which makes it pretty easy to
find statistics on disk space used, on a per-server basis.


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