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Re: Fetchmail and Gmail

On 2009-08-13 16:17 (+0530), Girish Kulkarni wrote:
> While downloading archived messages (around 20 thousand of them, 800
> MB) from my Gmail account via POP3, Fetchmail stopped after fetching
> 9985 messages.  It now keeps saying that there are "549 read messages"
> on the server but clearly, there are many more.  Gmail settings were
> untouched and Fetchmail is run with proto POP3 and options ssl and
> nokeep.  I've tried toggling nokeep.
> What could be happening here?  Any suggestions how I could correct it?
> I'm interested in getting all that e-mail via Fetchmail so that
> Procmail could sort it out nicely for me.

Maybe the messages are somehow flagged as "seen" so they are not
fetched again. Did you try "fetchall" option/keyword?

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