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Re: version GLIBC_PRIVATE not defined in file libc.so.6 with link time reference

I compared libnsl versions, not libc.
I _guess_ that some lib is linked against libnsl, but not libc6 (is
that possible?). Then on older versions, it would work fine. On new,
it would try to load libnsl and fail because on new referred symbol
present in libc6.
What else may that be?

I restarted whole system, so it doesn't appear to be a question of
restarting a service.

It is somehow tied to krusader starting (well, I forgot to check smb:/
in konqueror). If I change libs and restart krusader, it is fine. On
the other hand I searched libs in /lib, /usr/lib, /usr/lib/kde3 and
those got from stracing krusader. Some of them were linked against
libnsl, but all of them were also linked against libc6... But I don't
know a way of recursive linkage checking (when a is linked against b,
which is linked against c....)


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