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vbetool post required in Stable but not in Sid - What changed?

After resuming from S3 (Suspend to ram) state on my Lenny I had to issue
the vbetool post command to initialize Video BIOS otherwise I use to get a 
blank screen after resuming.

However on Debian Sid I don't have to run the vbetool as my system (and video)
comes back up just fine.

I am using the exact kernel (2.6.30) on Lenny and Sid. Now I would like to know
what exactly changed (if not the kernel) between Lenny and Sid that fixes the
vbetool and hence the video BIOS initialization problem.

Earlier I thought it was a BIOS issue but then when it worked just fine on Sid
I was puzzled and hence I am trying to find out what change made the fix?

I don't think it could be a package related thing as almost all the tools to put
system into S3 state works fine on Sid and those same tools on Lenny requires the
vbetool command. Now if cannot be possible the all the packages/tools (like uswsusp,
pm-utils, gnome-power-manager) received a commox fix between Lenny and Sid.

Kushal Koolwal

I do blog at http://blogs.koolwal.net/

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