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Re: Linksys WUSB54GCv3

> Install the firmware-ralink package from non-free and the kernel
> should 
> pick the right driver (if available) automagically.

Well, that's apparently the problem, because the kernel doesn't. Even if
I load the correct module (rt2870sta, that is) using modprobe, the
device doesn't work properly. I think firmware-ralink is not yet
compatible with version 3 of this device.

However, I have managed to get this thing working using ndiswrapper with
a slight modification. When using the version provided by Debian, you'll
get an error saying that a symbol is undefined
(MmGetSystemRoutineAddress). Dirk Schwendemann posted a remedy for this
on the ndiswrapper homepage [1]. Just add this in the source file

wstdcall void* WIN_FUNC(MmGetSystemRoutineAddress,1)
(struct unicode_string *name)
struct ansi_string ansi;
if (RtlUnicodeStringToAnsiString(&ansi, name, TRUE) ==
WARNING("MmGetSystemRoutineAddress: %s", ansi.buf);

Then build the module and load it, load the XP driver on the provided CD
and it should work. I hope I am helping somebody :)

Eric Spreen


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