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Re: What is the best setup to compute in the burning hot sun?

Ron Johnson wrote:
> On 2009-08-01 00:29, Tyler MacDonald wrote:
>> I want to set up a workstation in my back yard. I know it probably
>> involves
>> an umbrella and a laptop, and a power extension cable. I think that the
>> laptop overheating may be a concern. Even with an umbrella, I'm
>> worried that
>> glare may be an issue too.
>> Can any of you share how you have successfully used debian for extended
>> periods of time in the burning hot sun?
> Is that Canadian "burning hot" (80F), Arizona "burning hot" (115F, 10%
> humidity) or New Orleans "burning hot" (90F, 60% humidity)?
> Anyway, why in God's name do you want to work in the burning heat, when
> AC is pissing distance away?

If he is a redneck like me, he doesn't bother to go inside to piss.
That is what the lawn is for.  ;)

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