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Re: Reproducible filesystem corruption in lenny

In <97cbd1a90907291319wc4cca42r87cb799f94fe8c50@mail.gmail.com>, Josh Kelley 
>I'm not sure the
>best way to further track down the problem from here.  Is there an
>easy way (short of compiling my own kernel) to try out 2.6.27?  

Compiling your own kernel from upstream sources is not *that* hard.  You 
might try more recent kernels from Lenny/Sid if they are new enough for you 
(dependencies should be minor) before you go through the effort, though.

>If I
>submit a bug to Debian's bug tracker, would the Debian devs have the
>time and resources to backport a fix, or would this be a "wait until
>next release" problem?

Data loss would be RC-severity, which would mean the fix would be eligible 
to go into proposed-updates and then be put into stable/lenny at the next 
point release.
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