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Error loading operating system


I just installed Lenny on a new SATA disk in my AMD64 system (4 Gig of ram).

I manually partitioned the SATA disk:

sda1 /        10Gb
sda2 /usr   10Gb
sda3 /var   10 Gb
sda5 swap  1 Gb
sda6 /tmp   1 Gb
sda7 /home the rest of the drive....about 456 Gb

and the installer formatted it for me.  All the normal steps...network, 
time....(I've done installs before.  I have etch on hda in the same box).  
Packages installed and configured without error.  Set up root and my 
accounts.  Installed grub to boot the system then the big reboot, and....

Error loading operating system

no grub menu.  Black screen with white letters 80 X 25 mode.

Any idea what may have messed up and how to get the system booting?



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