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Re: HDD,SSD,diagnostic,integrity verify tools.Free,Opensource.

> What is the best tool available in the free,OpenSource world to verify
> the integrity of HDD but,specially SSD drives (the fading capacity
> problem with too many writes to the same blocks).  It is not only
> a problem of filesystem check,it is more physical of the drive itself.
> Right now, I do not remember of any.

HDD and SSD both work pretty hard at hiding physical limitations from
the abstraction they present to the OS.  The only way to get lower-level
info is S.M.A.R.T, as far as I know.

But, unless your use of SSHs is very atypical, there's no reason to
worry about it.  E.g. the "problem with too many writes to the same
blocks" is solved by the SSD's wear-levelling algorithm.


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