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Re: Segmentation fault in dpkg and aptitude

> pobega@fuzzydev.org writes:
>>> Bill Wohler <wohler@newt.com> writes:
>>> I found I was able to run "apt-get -f install" twice and be able to
>>> use aptitude to perform package maintenance again.
>>> However, now I'm finding that Emacs and Firefox (Iceweasel) die with
>>> segmentation faults at random times. Wonder if I'll get this email
>>> away...
>>> Has anyone seen these problems as a result of updating these packages?
>>>> Here's a trimmed excerpt from /var/log/aptitude:
>>>> [...]
>> I'm sorry if this is not useful, but it sounds to me like your problem
>> is
>> an anomaly. None of the packages installed/upgrades (besides perhaps
>> libx11) should be affecting Emacs or Firefox. So the question is, if you
>> try to reinstall the broken packages, do they work?
> That's worth a shot, thanks. On the other hand, Emacs and Firefox were
> still running this morning...
> Weird.

The only problem I can see is if a program that runs in the background is
segfaulting and you don't know. I'd check your logs as often as possible.

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