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Re: ia32-apt-get or libc6-i386 on amd64, debian sid?

2009/7/19 MRH <misiek_spam@o2.pl>:
> I'm pretty confused with the latest changes in sid on amd64. Do ia32-*
> packages replace -i386 packages or they are alternatives? After 'upgrading'
> to ia32-apt-get I lost wine (however I found there is ia32-wine, which
> unfortunately is not displayed in synaptic and I'm not sure if it replaces
> wine, then what will happen if there will be 64bit wine?), picasa,
> googleearth and some other packages.

Backend is moving in the direction of multi-arch packages. This is an
attempt to bridge the gap until that happens.

> Should I purge ia32-* and reinstall libc-i386 or wait?

I installed ia32-apt-get and got my wine back after
$> ia32-apt-get update
$> ia32-apt-get install ia32-wine
and to fix a warning about internet access
$> ia32-apt-get install ia32-libnss-mdns

The applications I installed via wine before the hickup works just
like before. The version of wine installed is 1.0.1 as is the same as
I had before.

> Then what I understood reading ia32-apt-get doc and some previous post it is
> supposed to be updated / upgraded separately to the apt-get and I assume it
> won't be included / supported in synaptic?

That's the way I understood it too, unless synaptic implements support
for ia32-apt-get flow. It is anyway supposed to be a bridge towards a
better world, but it seems that the developers are not agreeing on how
to do it. The implementer seems to be a little bit alone against the
rest of the arguing world on debian-devel and everything seems to be a
little bit uncertain at the moment. I got my wine back, and for the
time being I am only using 32-bit windows applications from wine.


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