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Unidentified subject!


How can I make the CUPS lpq command give more details than simply
this? --

   girish@marvin:~$ lpq -P duplex2
   duplex2 is ready
   no entries

I work on my laptop (running Lenny) plugged into my organization's
network and have set up CUPS to print on a HP Laser Jet 4250dtn
printer called duplex2 on this network.  lpq always gives this same
printer queue status even when the printer is actually not ready.

Some other systems on this same network use LPRng and its lpq command
is accurate, verbose and thus far better than the CUPS lpq. --

   girish@ipc41:~> lpq -P duplex2
   Printer: duplex2@lpd2 'lpdfilter drv=upp method=auto color=yes'
   Queue: no printable jobs in queue
   Server: no server active
   Status: job 'root@marvin+549' saved at 22:01:14.064
   Rank Owner/ID        Class Job Files     Size    Time
   done root@marvin+549   A   549 Test Page 23667 22:01:10

Is there a way to make the CUPS lpq give the correct queue status?  I
couldn't find much in the CUPS documentation.


Girish Kulkarni - Allahabad, India - athene.org.in/girish

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