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Re: Can VMware ever talk to USB scanners?

On Thu 9 Jul 2009 21:11:33 -0400,  I asked:

> Has anyone here gotten a USB scanner to work from VMware 2?

On Wed 15 Jul 2009 11:49:21 +0200, Benjamin MENUET <b.menuet@gmail.com>

> Check the right of your driver in /dev on your Lenny.
> The user who run VMware need to have an access rx on the driver.

Thanks.  I'm sure that I did not have that set up and will try it tonight.
However, I've gone back to Server 1 by now for several reasons.  With Server
2, I also had no sound, the PS/2 mouse didn't work, and I didn't like the
management interface as well.  So it may still be that Server 1 won't work
with the USB scanner.  The Server manual admits that it may have problems
with USB.

Getting Server 1.0.6 to run with the 2.6.26 kernel was no simple matter
either, but I did succeed with patches I found online.


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