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Re: A program for remote logging of times events from email?

I did notice once thing upon looking it gets the general idea but it's a little more ambitious than I would really expect is


but then it's a cost service :(

Ideally I would like something I can "control"

maybe something that would do batch processing via gmail would be ineresting but then that's a bit beyond what I learned in university :(

On Tue, Jul 14, 2009 at 7:33 AM, John Haggerty <bouncyinc@gmail.com> wrote:
I was looking at a device similar in concept to http://www.getpeek.com and was interested in the theoretical possibility to log timeclock events similar to this device by being able to read a starter line in an email like

//////(this would be some sort of activation string)
mrblahblah(some sort of pre-known user)
doing blah blah blah (similar to any kind of note about the action)

then the mail client automatically would log that event to a timed log until receiving an input.

Of course this could be done in Perl or some other random programming language but this might be nicer to do from a remote command. Basically I only have 2 requirements

1. email dispension of the commands

2. use of automatic processing so it's not just me logging the events by hand into some sort of spreadsheet or mysql database.

thanks in advance.

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