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Re: How to activate VESA mode on boot-up?

Robert Latest wrote:
Hello folks,

recently I accidentally hosed my old kernel image (it was something
that ended on -k7). The only reason I'd kept it was because I couldn't
get anything but the ugly boxy 80-by-something text mode console fonts
to work with the 2.6.26-x-686 line of Debian prepackaged kernels.

Anyway, rather than try and go hunting for an old -k7 kernel I'd like
to finally get a decent video mode working on with a current
2.6.26-2-686 (stable release).

Long story short, when I put "vga=ask" in grub's menu.lst, I can't
enter anything but the 80-by-something modes. I've searched the Net up
and down, have tried the 0x30... modes in hex, in decimal , with the
'0x' and without ... nothing. The kernel simply doesn't know any
additional modes (and doesn't list them. either).

What can I do? I like working in the console a lot, but I need more
and better-looking characters on screen.

Try adding 'edd=off' (without quotes) to the kernel parameters in grub menu.lst and also add a 'vga=791' or something like that.


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