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VMWare Debian DHCP DNS Problem

Hi there

I am running a VMWare Server 2 on Ubuntu Jaunty and 2 Debian (testing) 
clients in it, which get their IP address automatically (and variably) 
through DHCP. The latter does work without a clitch. Unfortunately, I 
cannot access the two clients through hostname, even though they are 
provided by the clients when they get their IP address, judging from the 
hostname entries in "/etc/vmware/vmnet8/dhcpd/dhcpd.leases", since in 
put "send host-name HOSTNAME;" in "/etc/dhcp3/dhclient.conf" of the 
clients. But somehow this information is just not available through DNS 
(of VMWare).

I know there are other solutions to make sure I get the right host 
through hostname (e.g. using enries in "/etc/hosts"). But in my case I 
need the IP address to be flexible/variable and want to identify each 
client host by their hostname only.

I have already searched Google for some time now, without any progress. 
Maybe someone of you guys has an idea. It would also help to understand 
VMware's DNS a little better.



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