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bug in installer? (was Re: debian testing installer & encrypted LVM question)

Hi all!

To me it looks like a bug, but I'd like to show it to the list before
filing it as a bug.

My goal is to install debian testing using encrypted LVM, but not using
the entire disk: I want to keep a free partition for installing vista
(for educational purposes...).

So, the steps that create a problem while running the installer are:

select Manual partitioning
create on the disks free space, the first primary (for installing vista)
[this step may be irrelevant]
create primary for /boot
create primary and select 'use as encryption volume'
write changes to disk
select encrypted volume
use as phycical volume for lvm
configure Logical Volume Manager appears ->select it
create volume group
create logical volume -> for the root filesystem
create logical volume -> for  swap
finish partitioning and write changes to disk->

I see the summary:
"The partition tables of the following devices are changed:
LVM VG vg1, LV rootFS
LVM VG vg1, LV swap

The following partitions are going to be formatted:
LVM VG vg1, LV rootFS as ext3
LVM VG vg1, LV swap as swap

-> failed to create a file system
The ext3 file system creation in partition #1 of LVM VG vg1, LV rootFS

As I can see, /dev/mapper now contains:

Is this supposed to happen? Did I do something wrong?


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