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Re: iceweasel puzzle

Jan Willem Stumpel <jstumpel@planet.nl> writes:

> I use iceweasel to visit the site http://www.strictlysudoku.com.
> In the left-hand column there are ĺogin' and 'register' links. If
> I click one of those, a window pops up, but it is completely blank.
> On my wife's computer, which uses the same gateway/firewall, and
> which is also more or less Debian (well, ubuntu), clicking the
> links produces proper 'login' and 'register' forms.
> Any idea of what could be the matter on my computer?

These things are often the result of the website being confused by your
user agent string. I guess Ubuntu uses standard firefox, while Debian
uses iceweasel. Firefox is common enough that most websites support it
(or, at least don't intentionally block it), while some will break if
you use iceweasel. You might try the useragent switcher plugin, or
manually change all instances of 'iceweasel' in about:config to



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