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Prepartitioning, Grub location for Lenny?

I'm preparing to install Debian Lenny on an IBM R40 laptop. My 
old layout was as follows:

hda2=primary=Debian Sarge

(There's also a hidden partition with WinXP recovery stuff at the 
end of the drive. I'm going to leave that designated by the BIOS 
as hidden.) I've wiped the partitions and reinstalled WinXP on 
hda1. I'll again use Partition Magic under WinXP (or a parted 
magic live CD) to create a new layout:


hda2=primary=10GB=Debian Lenny /

hda3=primary=12GB= /home



     hda6=logical=3GB=Test distro (Slax, Slitaz, Knoppix, etc.)

     hda7=logical=3GB=Test distro (Slax, Slitaz, Knoppix, etc.)

In order to get WinXP to boot during the reinstall, I did 
an "install-mbr /hda." After installing Lenny, should I install 
Grub on the mbr or should I locate it somewhere else (for 
example, at the beginning of hda2)?


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