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Sound pause


Allow me to apologize upfront for the generic question.
When 5 came out I moved from Ubu with antici ... pation (Sorry,
couldn't help it. Was listening to the Rocky Horror Soundtrack).

Anyways - At that time all worked well except a few things I couldn't
live with. More directly, I had trouble dealing with the momentary
"pause" of music within Amarok if I were to pull in email via Claws or
even launch IceW.

I was wondering if there was some improvement since the release.

Anyways - some specs at the time, I ran 32 bit, the box is a Sony Vio
3ghz w/2 gig ram. The drives are SATA and the vid is a lower ended
Nvidia (8500 series iirc).

The environment was Gnome (no Compiz) and ran individual apps within
thier won "Desk" - typically I have 5 in the panner.

I have since continued to run Ubu without the "pause" when doing other
things etc.

I like Ubu however I would much rather be running Lenny. Any
suggestions are more then welcome.


Best regards,


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