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Re: [OT] Linksys wireless router on debian

Raffaele Morelli:
> I bought a LinkSys WRT54GL wirelss router and I am going to configure
> it to extend my DSL connection at home.
> I am not new to debian but network(ing) skills are modest.
> Does anyone own this device and running debian?

Yes, I do. I am running OpenWrt on it, though.

> Any hint /solution about debian specific setup/trick is appreciated.

There isn't anything Debian specific, I think. What exactly are you
trying to do and what did you try? The only mildly frustrating thing to
configure is WPA. If you are not the console type of guy you might want
to install wicd (which replaces Network Manager) which gives you a nice
GUI to set up your Debian system.

Oh, and with wireless it is generally a good idea to try it first
without any encryption and if that works, turn it on.

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