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Re: is it possible to install a desktop-manager without python and perl?

2009/6/21 明覺 <shi.minjue@gmail.com>:
> I want to keep the programs in my system all written in c/c++, no
> python or perl or any other programming languages, is it possible to
> reach it? I removed the 2 packages, python and perl, from my system,
> and of cause, I losed my desktop, is it possible to install a desktop
> manager without perl and python? which is the proper desktop manager?

(This is in response to various comments/answers you gave, not just
this initial email.)

perl: C program
python: C program
(ba)sh: C program
ruby: C program
sed: C program
awk: C program
the list continues...

And have you thought about make, m4, gcc, autotools? They all have/are
their own "language" that you need to learn. gcc uses Lisp (or
something like it) internally, are you now no longer going to use a
compiler? No more make because it requires you to learn its language?
How are you going to build your code?

What about XML, YAML, HTML, javascript, and such? No more browser? No
more internet? :-)

On a different note, have you realised just how much you need to know
before you "know" your whole system? Just the Linux kernel is (2.6.29)
is 11 million SLOC. Debian 4.0 was a whopping 283 million SLOC. To
quote some more from

"A similar study was later made of Debian Linux version 2.2 (also
known as "Potato"); this version of Linux was originally released in
August 2000. This study found that Debian Linux 2.2 included over 55
million SLOC, and if developed in a conventional proprietary way would
have required 14,005 person-years and cost $1.9 billion USD to

Are you going to live that long? Do you have that much money? (If yes
to the latter, could you please send a few million my way?) ;-)

Please think this through and listen to reason before you waste your life.


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