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Re: any substitute for x window system?

On Mon, Jun 22, 2009 at 11:58:22AM +0800, 明覺 wrote:
> I'm looking for a pure c/c++ programmed desktop manager, while the
> xorg is depandent on perl, so i do not like it, is there any graphics
> system which depands only on c/c++ to replace x window system? thanks

I think that you'll find that you need to start writing things from
scratch yourself.  Since debian requires perl (e.g for debconf), you'll
be better off with NetBSD.  Then, write a program in C that looks at
every non-binary file to see if what language its in.

Can you tolerate shell scripts?  If not, you'll have to write a C-based
initscript.  This may be easier on BSD since it doesn't use SysVinit.

Take away the ideological furvor.  It would be an excellent learning
experience to rewrite, from scratch, everything in NetBSD that is not C.
It would be very hard with Debian since every time you update, you'll
have to do it all over again.



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