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Re: How Do I Get GRUB to See the External USB Drive?

Looks interesting.
I had long before tried to setup XP on the external USB disk and left
the option. The best option would be to install XP on your system drive
and use USB disk to boot linux. This is very easy and you do not need
grub on the internal machine and all you have to do is to
boot from the USB drive choice from BIOS. Linux on USB disk worked fine
for me.

If you are able to install XP on the external disk please do ping me
and give me some info/tips.


On Mon, 15 Jun 2009, Sjoerd Hardeman wrote:

Now to the list instead of the poster

Scarletdown schreef:
I just purchased an external USB drive in hopes that I could toss an XP
build on it real quick without messing with everything on the internal
drives (friends wanting me to try Lord of the Rings Online which doesn't
work with Cedega is one of the reasons...)
So it's obvious that GRUB can see external USB drives.  However, it is
not visible to GRUB there at boot time.  Is there any way to force GRUB
to actually see external drives?
Can you check the contents of /boot/grub/device.map? I think you need to
make sure your usb device is mentioned there for it to work at boot
time. If it is not there, redo update-grub and check if the usb drive is
added to device.map. If so, do a grub-install and then things should work.


Bhasker C V
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