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Re: Enabling MySpace in Iceweasel, et al.

On Fri, Jun 12, 2009 at 08:26:54 +0100, AG wrote:
> Brad Rogers wrote:
>> On Thu, 11 Jun 2009 23:32:39 +0100 AG wrote:


>>>     File name: libflashplayer.so
>>>     Shockwave Flash 7.0 r68
>>> site keeps insisting that I /
>>> /          "Get Flash now!"
>> Probably because your flash player is quite old.  Update to v10.
> From the above - that is apparent.  However, I thought that I was  
> dealing with Flash 10 ... at least, that is what I downloaded from the  
> adobe site and thought I was installing.

Go to "about:config", put "plugin" into the filter box and find the
setting called "plugin.expose_full_path". Change it to "true" and
about:plugin will show you the full path to all the plugin files that
iceweasel uses. This should be useful for cleaning up the mess of
different flash-plugin versions that you seem to have on your system.

> In light of this, which is the best candidate to use: the non-free  
> mozilla flash plugin or another?

I use the flashplayer-mozilla package from debian-multimedia.org. All
flash content that I have encountered in recent months has worked
without problems (both on 32 and 64 bit).

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