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RE: max sata connections

> From: randall [mailto:randall@songshu.org]
> Sent: Wednesday, June 10, 2009 9:31 AM
> Subject: max sata connections
> hi all,
> i'm fairly unexperienced when it comes to "rackmountable hardware" but
> was looking at the cheapest way too get as much terrabytes as possible
> in a single system.
> my eye fell on the Chenbro RM23212 which is a 2u enclosure that fits
> 3.5 disks and i obviously want to squeeze 12x 1 or 2 terrabyte disks
> there.
> i figured that would be the most space/gigabyte solution at an
> affordable rate, however, when looking for a matching mobo i can not
> with more then 10x sataII connections.
> i think this could be solved using sata multipliers but i do not have
> any experience with these and there seem to be mixed feelings about
> there reliability as far as i can tell from a quick google.
> anybody has any experience/recommendation on this?

Sorry in advance for cross linking mailing lists, but check out the
list. They have got almost this exact topic going on right now.

The first link talks about an 8 bay setup (with discount!), but later in
discussion they talk about larger setups and various other
ideas / implementations including rack-mountable solutions. 

Hope that helps.

Have fun!

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